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  1. All students are expected to be regular and punctual in attending their class and other activities. Students are to leave home early enough to accommodate for Traffic Jams. Late arrivals will first have to report to the designated Authority or the Principal before being permitted to attend class. Frequent late arrivals will be charged a fine and will face other punitive action.
  2. Students must not absent themselves except in case of valid emergencies or illness. Excuses such as being out of station will not be accepted. Due information of absence must be intimated to the school if the absence exceeds two days.
  3. On return from absence student must report we” in time before classes with the absence and late arrival page recording the date/s and reason of absence duly signed by the parent. the signatures must tally with the
  4. Specimen Signatures of the parents at the front of the Diary. Students are not to go to class directly, without first reporting in and having the diary signed. In case diary is not brought and the student goes directly to class the student will be sent home to fetch it. Forged signature will call for severe disciplinary action.
  5. In case of absence due to illness extending over two days the Student is expected to produce a prescription or Medical card (STNM) from the Medical practitioner visited. In case of long absence Parent is requested to accompany the student on return.
  6. Prior permission for absence must be obtained from the Principal for any other valid reason not falling under the category of an emergency. The student may be permitted leave on grounds of attending certain functions, or competitions for which he/she may have been selected to represent the School, State etc. Though the Teacher will help to the extent possible, the responsibility of covering lessons and homework missed due to absence lies solely with the student.
  7. Parent must ensure holidays are not extended by prefixing or suffixing days. The absence without valid reason will be penalized. School Calendar is given well in advance to plan for holidays.
  8. Absence for periods beyond two weeks with no information will be assumed to be a forerunner ofwithdrawal especially if no fees have been paid and the name of such students will be struck off the rolls.
  9. Students are not permitted to leave the classrooms without permission from the Teacher. Students must not leave the campus without permission from the Principal. The students found skipping classes or leaving campus will be suspended forthwith. Students permitted out for specific reasons must report back within a reasonable time and not be missing for the entire duration of class.


  • CLASSWORK AND HOME WORK must be done regularly and completely. Failure to do so will result in Detention after class hours to complete the same. Students must realize that the work given is for revision of lessons and meant to be learnt as well. FAILURE to report in for detention will be severely punished.
  • Copying of Classwork or Homework from other students is strictly not permitted and will have to be redone during detention.
  • Students are expected not to miss any test/exam paper. There is no provision for conducting retest.
  • Students found using unfair means and helping others to do so in an examination shall be awarded a Zero in the concerned subject and shall be liable for severe punitive action and expulsion for repeated offence.
  • Students failing in English will not be promoted.
  • Students failing twice in the same class or failing twice in three consecutive years must be withdrawn from the school.
  • Answer scripts of the examinations will not be retained for more than days after the dated on which result is declared. Parent may see the script after due application as per rule.
  • Report cards will not be given to students, only the Parent or authorized guardian can collect the report. It has to be collected within a reasonable time frame, if not collected on the day of distribution.
  • Promotion will depend on the students performance throughout the year.
  • All students are expected to bring their full complement of text books and exercise copies for each day in a school bag. Each subject needs to have a minimum of two exercise copies for class work and home work and a rough work copy is also mandatory.


  • Students of class X who desire to rejoin the school in XI in April of the following year must submit written application for provisional admission by December of previous year and all fees are to be paid by the 2nd week of April before classes begin. If no letter is received and or if no fees are paid within due dates it will be presumed that the student will not be returning to continue in class XI. Seat will not be reserved.
  • ln case of a provisional student not getting a pass certificate only the Security deposit will be refunded.
  • Readmission to class XI is not automatic. The student has to show exemplary behavior throughout to be considered for readmission. Any major breach of discipline will debar the student.
  • Choice and subsequent allotment of stream and optionals will also depend on performance and evaluation list prepared by the school and will not be automatic as per demand. Those without qualifying marks may sit for aptitude Test, in case of availability of seat In the stream.
  • A student with a record of repeated or serious disciplinary problem will not be re-admitted in class XI.


  • Students are expected to be dressed neatly and smartly in proper uniform. Students not wearing prescribed uniform will be sent home or to the Hostel to change. Boys are not permit.ed to wear pants below the hips or use belts boarder then Two inch wide.
  • Girls students are not permitted make up, nail polish or fancy ear-rings or jewellery. A Simple ear-top or earring is permitted. Hair must be well combed and tied. Coloured or bleached hairs also not permitted.
  • Boys are not permitted use of Hair Gels or excess oil on hair. Bleached coloured hair is also not permitted. Hair must be cut regularly and kept neat. Students not complying will sent to have a proper haircut.
  • Repeated offence will result in suspension.
  • The use of fancy accessories such as Bangles, earrings of Fancy watches or lapel pins is also not permitted.
  • AII must wear prescribed socks and shoes. White socks with school uniform is not permitted.
  • AII students are expected not to visit Restaurants, cyber-cafe’s or video parlors in school uniform especially on weekdays after class hours.
  • Blazer, single Breasted, with proper badge and 2 buttons (3 buttons not permitted) must be used when called for and as part of winter uniform code. (Refer to clothing list for requirement.)
  • The Dress code is applicable also to those sitting for Board Exams.