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Yuksam House

Yuksam House is named after the historical site in West Sikkim where in 1642 AD. three Lamas from Tibet; Lhatsun Namkha Jigme Namgyal, Kathoke Sampa Chenpo and Ngadak Rinzing Chenpo met and crowned the first Chogyal (Dharma Raj) Phuntsok Namgyal, in accordance with the prophecy by Guru Rinpoche

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Dzongri House

DZongri House is named after a mountain top just on the way to the Kangchenjunga base camp from where the entire Kangchenjunga massif is visible. It also lies in West Sikkim. The meaning of the word is derived from the words -‘Zong’ meaning fort and ‘Ri’ -meaning Hill

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Karponang House

Karponang House is named after a place in East Sikkim on the way to the Nathula Pass. The original place name, according to its local history, is derived from a distortion of Nang Karpo. During the Younghusband Expedition to Tibet of 1903–1904, on seeing a white-coloured house a British officer exclaimed “Karpo Nang!” Karpo means “white”, and Nang means “house”, so this can be literally translated as white house.

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Phensong House

Phensong House is named after a place on the way to Mangan, the District Head Quarters of North Sikkim. The word is derived from the words ‘phen’ -meaning benefit and ‘song’ meaning excellence. The Monastery at Phensong attracts many visitors